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Sic Bo is a board game is similar to Craps, but it is played with three dice, and the goal is to guess the outcome of the roll. Sic Bo is a part of the Table Games group, and Other Table Games subgroup category in our database, representing about 23% of all content in it. There is a choice of almost 15 releases on this page, provided by different software developers, including such popular studios as Microgaming, Playtech, and Novomatic.

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Sic Bo
Rating: 3.39

Table Games -> Other Table Games -> Sic Bo Free playPlay for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx181
  • Advantage2.78%

Sic Bo
Rating: 3.17

Table Games -> Other Table Games -> Sic Bo Free playPlay for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx181
  • Advantage2.78%

Sic Bo
Rating: 2.46

Table Games -> Other Table Games -> Sic Bo Free playPlay for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Win-
  • Advantage-

These variations do not have any significant differences. The maximum payout is the same for all games, and it is equal to x181 credits. The RTP range is not an extremely large one, as a return to player varies from 97.2% to 97.22%. The Sic Bo dice machine can be played in various casinos with no download both for free or for real money, depending on what mode appeals to you more.


Sic Bo Online: Rules and Odds


You are to place on or more bets and press “Roll” button. If your bet(s) win, you will get a payout, according to the paytable.


The most interesting part of the Sic Bo rules is the list of possible bets with their payouts. You can choose:

  • Small/Big bet (odds are 1:1)

  • Triple bet – three dice show the chosen number (180:1)

  • Any Triple Bet – three dice show the same number, no matter what the number is (31:1)

  • Double bet – two out of three dice have the same number (11:1)

  • Two Dice Combination bet (6:1)

  • One Dice Bet (Three/Two/One Dice Match – 12:1/2:1/1:1 respectively)


There are also payouts for the total score of three dice, and they are the following:

  • Four – 62:1

  • Five - 31:1

  • Six – 18:1

  • Seven - 12:1

  • Eight - 8:1

  • Nine - 7:1

  • Ten - 6:1

  • Eleven - 6:1

  • Twelve - 7:1

  • Thirteen - 8:1

  • Fourteen - 12:1

  • Fifteen - 18:1

  • Sixteen - 31:1

  • Seventeen - 62:1


Strategy Tips


This is a game of chance so that you can rely on luck if you want to win in it. As a result, there is no real strategy to apply, but there are some tips that can help you to enjoy the game longer. If you are an amateur player, or you do not want to risk everything at once, it is better to stick to small/big bets, as they are more promising in terms of winning. One more type of bets, which can bring you some profit is One dice bet. All the other bets offer the lower probability of winning.


Our Summary

Sic Bo literally means “precious dice”, and it is precious indeed, as odds are extremely high. This game is popular with players, as it easy to play, and it does not require any complicated strategy to win. Everything depends on the luck and your intuition. This type of entertainment is closely related to Craps, but you do not have to roll the dice several times to get a win. We can also recommend you playing Casino Dice and Poker Dice games.